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Trusted. Reliable. Professional. Experienced. Reasonable. Client-Focused. Personal. Results-Driven.

These are just a few key words used by our client base to describe our firm and services. We are proud to have built this reputation and to be your go-to firm for all your legal needs.

As Thunder Bay's only full-service law firm, Petrone & Partners provides clients with expert and comprehensive legal services. Set up as a one-man practice in 1953 by nationally renowned lawyer Alfred Petrone, the firm grew over the years built on the ideals of upholding the rights of his clients and fighting for those rights whenever called upon. John Hornak dubbed Alfred Petrone the "Titan of the Bar" for his dedication to his clients and his lasting impact on law in Thunder Bay and across Canada, including the role he played in abolishing the death penalty.

As the firm grew, so did the names on the door. The partners who joined over the years did so because they wanted to work for a firm that still believed in the personal approach to law and the importance of serving the community. In 2016, Petrone Hornak Garofalo Mauro changed its name to simply Petrone & Partners in honour of the man and his history, though the firm's reputation remains the same.

Today, Petrone & Partners remains as one of Thunder Bay's most established firms offering services in every primary area of law including personal injury, family law, corporate and commercial law, insurance law, civil litigation, criminal and regulatory litigation, contract law, employment law, administrative law, real estate, corporate and commercial matters, Planning Act matters, zoning issues, aboriginal law, debt collection, security and mortgage enforcement work, estates and wills, estate litigation and bankruptcy litigation.

So no matter what your legal issue is, we have the knowledge and experience to guide you. Even if it requires a team of lawyers from all different specialities, we've got you covered.

Our Mission
and Values

Our Mission is to inspire, support and contribute to the welfare and well being of our clients and community by providing an integrated and full service legal practice. In all of our endeavors, the needs of our clients come first.

RESPECT Treat everyone in our diverse community, including our clients, their families, businesses and colleagues with dignity.

COMPASSION Provide the best advice and treat clients with sensitivity and empathy in pursuing their bests interests.

INTEGRITY Adhere to the highest standards of professionalism, ethics, and personal responsibility, worthy of the trust our clients place in us.

RESOLUTION Inspire hope and pursue the highest legal welfare and outcomes for our clients, having regard for their legal, financial, emotional and spiritual needs.

TEAMWORK Value the contributions of all, blending and using combinations of the skills of individual legal professionals and staff members in unsurpassed collaboration.

EXCELLENCE Deliver the best outcomes and highest quality service through the dedicated and unwaivering effort of every team member.

INNOVATION Energize and fuel our firm to secure the legal welfare of those we serve in to the future, through creative and real solutions to issues facing our clients delivered by our professional team.

STEWARDSHIP Sustain and reinvest in this mission and continue to support and advance the interests and welfare of our clients , community and region through professionalism, outreach and service.