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Family Law

Divorce, separation, spousal support, child custody – Family Law involves some of the most complex areas in law. It doesn't help that divorce can be one of the most emotional times in any person's life.

Petrone & Partners can be that stabilizing force in any proceedings so that we can all come to agreement about what is most helpful for you in the long run. Petrone has a reputation in Thunder Bay for successfully protecting our clients' best interests, negotiating in good faith on your behalf. We'll help you settle your terms of divorce including:

  • Child custody terms
  • Division of assets including money, investments, vehicles, and real estate
  • Division of debt
  • Child/spousal support
  • Settlement of the family home
  • Any other questions that need to be answered

We always recommend court as a last resort since court can be long, stressful, and expensive. First, we set out the terms of a separation agreement – the initial step towards a successful negotiation of your divorce. Then, we go through a process of trying to amicably agree on who gets what when the divorce is finalized. If we can't all agree, a mediator will usually be able to help iron out the final details.

If mediation does not lead to full agreement on all points, then court is the last remaining option. As fair as we are during the amicable stage of negotiations, we are also known to be ruthless in the courtroom. We will fight tooth and nail on your behalf to get you the best possible settlement.

Every story is different. We take the time to hear yours in order to give you solid legal advice and a plan moving forward. You can call once you have separated, during a trial separation, or even before you decide to separate. We'll advise you of the best course for you to reduce your stress and to get what you deserve so you can move on with your life.

Call Petrone today to talk with a family lawyer and find out how we can help.

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