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Aboriginal Law

Aboriginal law often is more about an approach to law than a specific legal area. It's the understanding of different cultures, priorities, and goals. In most cases, corporate law, personal injury, and other areas of law may not technically be different, but the approach of our clients will be, whether they are Aboriginal themselves or working with Aboriginal communities, businesses, or individuals.

However, sometimes there are legal considerations which require a specific knowledge of Aboriginal-related areas of the law. These include Gladue cases and proceedings which require the involvement of different government agencies. Having a lawyer who understands these areas of law can be crucial.

Aboriginal law also requires a wider range of experience and deeper knowledge of Northwestern Ontario's history, governments, economics, and geography. For example, legal matters are often complicated by the need to include several levels of government agencies. Experience negotiating with different First Nations and understanding the histories between them is also vital to providing comprehensive legal services.

Petrone & Partners is keenly sensitive to cultural differences. Most of our team have experience working with First Nations and other Indigenous groups in Northwestern Ontario, and several of our team have direct training through specialities or courses taken at law school. Plus, as a full-service law firm, we are able to provide a level of expertise no matter what the need including agreement negotiations, businesses and partnership agreements, real estate, criminal law, personal injury, intellectual property, family law, and more.

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