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Intellectual Property

Is your intellectual property (IP) protected?

Even small businesses have IP – your logo, your business name, and your slogan are all examples. Unless you protect your corporate identity, it can be stolen and used anywhere in the world.

For example, it's not unusual for small businesses to see their business names and logos pop on websites like Facebook. Not only does this "spoofing" trade on your good name, it could actually hurt your reputation. You can request to have these Facebook pages taken down, but unless you have registered your names – unless you have proof that you actually own the name and logo – it will be harder for you to do.

Worse, if someone else trademarks your company branding before you do, you may be forced to go through the expense of changing your name, your logo, perhaps even your web domain…

In this competitive and connected global market, you want to make sure your business identity is protected. Petrone + Partners has helped businesses large and small protect their IP in a number of ways – and we can help you too.


This area of IP essentially covers all areas your branding or corporate identity including:

  • Business name
  • Logo
  • Slogan
  • Product name(s)
  • Servicemark(s) (trademark for services rather than products)
  • Other aspects of your business that are unique to you

  • Petrone & Partners will do a complete trademark search on all your branding and then register your trademarks to ensure you clearly and legally own them.


    Copyrighting refers to protecting IP such as:

  • Written materials (including information brochures, manuals, etc.),
  • Photographic images
  • Moving images
  • Audio recordings
  • Graphics (other than logos and corporate brands)
  • Digital property such as software
  • Other related IP

  • Should any of this material be stolen and used by another person or company, your registered copyright will make it easier for you to protect your material and stop others from using it without your permission.


    Thunder Bay is an innovative community with new inventions coming to market including software, medical research, mechanical products for industry, and more. Protecting that IP through patents is crucial to help stop others from stealing your ideas and making their own version.

    Petrone & Partners will help you register your patents properly and also discuss other ways you can protect yourself such as non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) with your employees and related legal documents for potential partners, buyers, contractors, or anyone else who may come in contact with the trade secrets your IP contains.

    Contact Petrone & Partners to find out more about how we can help you protect your IP.

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